Looking for auto auction resources?

Explore a comprehensive collection of resources tailored for automobile auctions, including floor planning solutions to manage inventory financing, insights on repossession and re-marketing strategies, directories of national and state trade associations for networking and industry updates, as well as a curated list of online platforms and tools to streamline auction processes and maximize efficiency.

Whether you’re a dealer, auctioneer, or industry professional, discover valuable resources to enhance your operations and stay ahead in the competitive automotive marketplace.

Floor Planning

Floor planning in automobile auctions is a financing method where dealerships secure a line of credit to purchase vehicles for their inventory. They pay interest on the borrowed amount until vehicles are sold, using the proceeds to repay the loan. It’s a way for dealerships to manage cash flow and maintain a diverse inventory.

Reposession and Remarketing

This includes reclaiming and reselling vehicles from borrowers who default on loans or leases. It allows lenders to recover losses and offers buyers opportunities to purchase used vehicles at auction prices.

Legal Resources

Below are state-specific Title Forms and Powers of Attorney for various locations.

Online Resources

Here are some other online resources that might come in handy when participating in one of our auctions.

How do I bid on a car at an auction?

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