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Transparency is our cornerstone.

Our policies and procedures ensure fairness, integrity, and confidence in every transaction.

Dealer’s Auto Auction upholds arbitration policies aligned with the esteemed standards of the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA). Yet, our approach boasts distinctive differences and exceptions, enriching the auction experience uniquely at DAA. We are convinced that these nuances serve the best interests of both sellers and buyers. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures, ensuring a rewarding auction experience and leveraging our expertise to the fullest.

Auction Registration Forms

Dealer Auction Agreement & Registration

Unlock exclusive access to our dynamic car auctions tailored for dealers. Complete the Dealer Auction Agreement and Registration Form to secure your participation and gain access to a wide selection of vehicles.

Public Auction Agreement & Registration

Complete your registration for our upcoming public car auction, featuring a diverse range of vehicles, including classic models. Reserve your spot now by filling out the Public Auction Agreement and Registration Form.

Other Policies, Procedures, and Regulations

Arbitration Policies

All sales through the Auction are subject to published rules on marketplace.dealersauto.com or by the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA). Disputes, whether between Dealer and Auction or involving other customers, are resolved through binding arbitration, following NAAA’s policies or arbitration in the county of the Auction. You can learn more about our arbitration policies by clicking the button below.

Power of Attorney

This Limited Power of Attorney gives DAA the authority to sign my name on any bill of sale, title, title transfer, odometer disclosure, or any other document needed by federal or state law. For individual state Powers of Attorney, visit our resources page.

DAA Cincinnati Documents

The documents below are exclusively for Dealers Auto Auction Cincinnati. If you are not a dealer or a public individual interested in participating in an auction at DAA Cincinnati, please refrain from using these documents.

Post-Sale Inspection (PSI) Policy

Our post-sale inspection policy ensures transparency and peace of mind by thoroughly examining all vehicles following purchase, providing reassurance and confidence in your investment.

U.S. General Services Association (GSA) Policies & Regulations

The U.S. General Services Association (GSA) has formulated evidence-based regulations across government agencies, promoting the adoption of optimal and cost-effective management practices. Dealer’s Auto Auction diligently complies with these regulations. Click the link below to delve deeper into GSA’s policies and regulations.

National Auto Auction Association Policies

Dealer’s Auto Auction adheres to the comprehensive policies and procedures set forth by the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) during our events. Explore further details about these guidelines by clicking the link below.

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