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Is vehicle purchasing at DAA auctions restricted solely to dealers, or are they open to the public?

At Dealers Auto Auction, our auctions are primarily closed to the public, catering specifically to licensed dealers. However, some of our locations host monthly sales open to the public.

Is it possible to test drive the vehicles prior to placing a bid at your auctions?

Some specific accounts may permit test drives. For more details, please inquire at each respective DAA location.

How can I get information on my purchase history and status?

You view your history and status via online at or you may inquire with each auction location.

Do you sell cars on an "if" or a "call?"

“If” bids are usually facilitated by the auction company and state that a bidder agrees to buy a vehicle “if” the seller will accept the offer within a specified period of time. “If” bids are usually made on vehicles that did not meet sellers’ price expectations. Learn More

Can I preview the vehicles at Dealers Auto Auction before the auction begins?

We highly encourage our dealers to preview the units before the sale. Reach out to our locations for previewing hours. View Locations

What types of reports are generated for inventory at your auction location, and are Autochecks and Carfax reports performed on all vehicles?

As the auction house, we do not generate reports on vehicles sold through our business.

How often do your auctions occur?

Our DAA locations host weekly auctions, with the specific day determined by the location where you are bidding or selling. View Upcoming Auctions

Can I submit an offer to purchase one of your wholesale units prior to the auction?

All units must be auctioned before bids can be accepted. Bids can be placed inlane or through proxy bidding via EdgePipeline.

Can I sell my vehicles at a DAA auction?

If you are an a licensed automotive dealer, finance company, or fleet/leasing company you may seller your vehicles at any DAAG location.

How are vehicles sourced for your auctions?

Our inventory is obtained from various sources such as new and used car dealerships, finance companies, fleet/lease companies, and government contracts.

Who is allowed to accompany me to the auction?

Only business owners and pre-approved representatives listed on Auction Access, as well as Auction Access credentialed dealers, are permitted to attend Dealers Auto Auctions.

How can I determine if auctions are canceled due to inclement weather?

You can contact our location directly, visit our website, or check any of our social media accounts for updates regarding auction cancellations due to inclement weather.

Do you provide post-sale inspection services?

We do provide post-sale inspections for qualified units. Please consult our Post Sale Inspection Document for vehicle eligibility and associated costs. View Services | Download Document

Do DAA auctions offer vehicle transportation services?

DAA auctions facilitate vehicle transportation either through arranged pickup/delivery or through the customer’s own arrangements. Learn More

Do Dealers Auto Auctions provide key services?

Dealers Auto Auction Group (DAAG) auctions do provide key services for purchase. Learn More

Do DAA auctions provide financing options?

DAA auctions do not directly provide financing services. However, we offer floor plans through City Auto Finance. Please refer to our resource page for a list of preferred financing. Learn More

Where are your auctions located?

DAA Auctions are situated in Ohio, Arkansas, Tennessee, Atlanta, Alabama, and Mississippi, with plans for further expansion. View Locations

Can children accompany me to the auction?

No, for safety reasons, individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted on the auction premises on auction day.

What is the fee for purchasing a vehicle online?

Fees vary depending on the location and market. For more information, please contact the office manager at the location of your choice. View Locations

How can I retrieve my repossessed vehicle?

To reclaim a repossessed vehicle, you need to contact your financing company, as they are the entity that repossessed the vehicle. Dealers Auto Auction serves as a holding facility and can only follow the instructions provided by the financing company. If you were informed that your vehicle is at DAA, please reach out to our office with details of your finance company and vehicle information (VIN/Year/Make/Model).

Can I consign my vehicles at a DAA auction?

Yes, absolutely! If you are a licensed automotive dealer, finance company, or fleet/leasing company, you’re welcome to sell your vehicles at any of our DAA locations. Just give us a call to discuss the details.

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